Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario (PGIO)

PGIO Mission

Sharing Solutions. Changing Lives.

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health brings treatment professionals and leading researchers together with experts in communicating and sharing knowledge. Our focus is on collaboratively developing, modelling and sharing evidence-based solutions to gambling related problems, within Ontario and around the world.

Clinical Service

The PGIO has the largest specialized gambling treatment program in Ontario. Those in the Toronto area who are affected by their own problematic gambling or that of a family member can participate in clinical programs that have been designed with their needs in mind. Our program includes specialized services for women, youth, older adults and ethno-cultural communities. In partnership with other organizations, we fund and train practitioners to provide problem gambling treatment and outreach in 17 languages. Psychiatric and other clinical consultations are available to treatment professionals who have clients with complex gambling problems, including other mental health and addiction issues. Contact us.

Education and Community Resources

Training and support is provided to Ontario’s specialized problem gambling treatment system and allied professionals, including financial counsellors, correctional workers, addiction and mental health specialists, EAP providers, educators and ethno-cultural workers. Specialized training and support is also provided for all employees of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), the provincial agency operating and managing province-wide lotteries, casinos and slots facilities at horse racing tracks. Available resources for people affected by problem gambling, their families and helping professionals include a comprehensive treatment manual, a multi-faceted package to support community-based awareness initiatives, a series of information guides and ProblemGambling.ca, a comprehensive, bilingual website for information and resources on problem gambling. More Information (PDF)


CAMH is Canada’s largest mental health and addictions research facility, with 100 full-time scientists and 300 research staff working to better understand mental illness and substance-use disorders; to improve diagnosis, prevention and intervention; and to develop public policies. Approximately half of the funding provided by the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre has been awarded to our problem gambling researchers. Areas of research investigation have included the genetics of problem gambling behaviour, potential pharmacological treatments and evaluations of different treatment approaches, including cognitive therapy, acupuncture, telephone counselling and mutual aid approaches. Our researchers have also developed screening, assessment, treatment and relapse-prevention resources.

Centre for Addiction & Mental Health

CAMH is Canada's leading Addiction and Mental Health teaching hospital. CAMH succeeds in transforming the lives of people affected by addiction and mental illness, by applying the latest in scientific advances, through integrated and compassionate clinical practice, health promotion, education and research.

Introductory Video
View a short introductory video to learn more about the Self-Help Gambling Tools.
Gambling Quiz
Answering these nine questions will help you understand if gambling is having a negative impact on your life.
Monitor Your Gambling & Urges
Use this tool to keep track of when you gamble, or feel the urge to gamble. Mobile App also available.
Community Forum
Share with other people affected by problem gambling on this discussion board.
Self-Help for Those who Gamble
Do you gamble? These interactive tools will help you explore, cut down or stop gambling.
Self-Help for Family and Friends
Does someone you care about gamble too much? With these interactive excercises, learn why they gamble and what you can do to help.