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Evidence-based Practices and Problem Gambling Treatment

About this resource

The Problem Gambling Service has been providing specialized treatment for people affected by gambling problems since 1995, and has worked with over five thousand clients in that time. As a program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, treatment practices always have been informed by current best practices in the fields of addictions and gambling treatment. At the same time, the clinical program has acquired a substantial body of "practice-informed evidence"; that is, evidence that clinical approaches work based on clients' positive treatment outcomes. This web-based resource attempts to reflect the successful integration of these two domains: clinical practice and clinical research in problem gambling.

This resource is designed for clinicians who are currently, or intend to be, working with gambling clients. It contains both theoretical and practical components, ranging from conceptual models in treatment to actual screening tools for use with gambling clients. It reflects the accumulated wisdom of the "practice-informed evidence" garnered through direct relationships with clients over the years, and the "evidence-based practices" in current problem gambling research.

Table of contents

Introduction to Evidence-based Practices

Conceptual Models and Problem Gambling Treatment

Treatment Approaches and Theory

Client Treatment Streaming

Help Medium

Similarities to and Differences from Substance Abuse

Problem Gambling Service Client Intake

Problem Gambling Screen for Clinical Use

(Screens Appropriate for all Clients)

(Screens to be administered as needed)

Adjuncts to Problem Gambling Treatment

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