Ontario Problem Gambling Treatment System  (MOHLTC Funded Only)

For problem gambling treatment professionals who work in a MOHLTC funded program. You'll have access to field updates, information about referrals into residential treatment, upcoming trainings and more. You'll also have access to an Ontario problem gambling resource library and a discussion board which will facilitate meaningful online collaboration and interaction.

Ontario Resource Group on Gambling, Ethnicity & Culture

Group membership is open to agencies currently mandated, by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and/or the Ministry of Health Promotion, to provide problem gambling services for ethnic and cultural groups, as well as other agencies that have an interest in ethnicity, culture and gambling. The main purpose of ORGGEC is to act as a resource to the province’s treatment system in order to increase accessibility to services, develop resources and engage ethnic and cultural communities on the issue of gambling and problem gambling.

Problem Gambling, Gaming and Internet Use

Group membership is open to health care and education professionals who work with youth and families. You will benefit most from this group if you are seeing youth and families who are impacted by problem gambling, video gaming and/or internet use. The forum provides opportunities to share resources and knowledge on helping youth and families concerned by these issues. (English Only)

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