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Mobile Monitor Your Gambling & Urges (MYGU)

If you’re trying to cut down or quit gambling, we recommend you monitor or track your gambling urges.

Now you can start using MYGU on your mobile phone. Download it today to identify when your urges to gamble occur and when you choose to gamble. It’s anonymous, free and easy to use.

Research has shown that people who keep track of their gambling behaviour are more successful when they try to quit or reduce their gambling!

MYGU will report back to you:

  • Date and time you experience an urge to gamble
  • What ‘triggers’ your urges to gamble? (A trigger can create an urge to gamble -for example having money, feeling bored or lonely may all be triggers)
  • What activities you do instead of gambling
  • Wins and losses when you gambled
  • Your feelings-if you gambled or you didn’t gamble
  • Consequences-if you gambled or didn’t gamble
The MYGU works best if it is used every time you have an urge to gamble.
MYGU is meant for educational purposes only. Learn more about when your urges to gamble occur, and how much you are winning or losing if you choose to gamble.

Download the FREE app now for your:

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