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Low Risk and Harmful Gambling

Not all gambling is a problem. Gambling may be low risk, or it may be harmful.

Low-risk gambling means you:

  • Limit how much time and money you spend gambling
  • Accept your losses, and don’t try to win them back
  • Enjoy winning, but know it happened by chance
  • Balance gambling with other fun activities
  • Don’t gamble to earn money or pay debts
  • Don’t gamble when your judgment is impaired by alcohol or other drugs
  • Never borrow money or use personal investments or family savings to gamble
  • Don’t gamble to escape from your problems or feelings
  • Don’t hurt your job, health, finances, reputation or family through your gambling

Harmful gambling means you have started to:

  • Lie about your gambling or keep it a secret
  • Lose track of time and play for longer than you meant to
  • Feel depressed or angry after gambling
  • Spend more money than you planned, or more than you can afford
  • Ignore work and family responsibilities because of gambling
  • Borrow money or use household money to gamble
  • “Chase your losses” to try to win back your money
  • Believe that gambling will pay off in the end
  • See gambling as the most important thing in your life
  • Use gambling to cope with your problems or to avoid things
  • Have conflicts with family and friends over gambling
  • Ignore your physical and emotional health because of gambling.

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Do you think your gambling may have become a problem? There is help available.

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