This quiz is completely anonymous and has been designed to help you answer some questions about gambling.

This self-assessment is based on the Canadian Problem Gambling Index. The higher your score, the greater the risk that your gambling is a problem.

When you’re finished you can print your Final Report or email your results directly to yourself.

Start the quiz by filling in the following anonymous information:


The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) places a high value on privacy. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of all individuals who use the resources available at www.ProblemGambling.ca. Please visit privacy pages to learn more about our commitment to protecting your personal information.

Racial Ancestry:
  • American Aboriginal (e.g., Inuit)
  • Asian - East (e.g., China, Japan, Korea)
  • Asian - South (e.g., India, Pakistan)
  • Asian - South East (e.g., Malaysia)
  • Black - Africa (e.g., Ghana, Kenya)
  • Latin American (e.g., Argentina, Chile)
  • Middle Eastern (e.g., Egypt, Iran, Israel)
  • European Caucasian (e.g., England)
  • Pacific Islands (e.g., Micronesian)
  • Other
  • Mixed
  • I would rather not say
Age: Sex:
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I am filling this out because:

I am just curious.
I am concerned about my own gambling.
I am concerned about someone else's gambling.

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