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South Oaks Gambling Screen

Download PDF: SOGS South Oaks Gambling Screen

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1. Please indicate which of the following types of gambling you have done in your lifetime. For each type, mark one answer: “not at all”, “less than once a week” or “once a week or more”.

a.__________ play cards for money

b.__________ bet on horses, dogs or other animals (at OTV, the track or with a bookie)

c.__________ bet on sports (parlay cards, with a bookie, or at Jai Alai

d.__________ played dice games (including craps, over and under or other dice games) for money

e.__________ gambled in a casino (legal or otherwise)

f.__________ played the numbers or bet on lotteries

g.__________ played bingo for money

h.__________ played the stock options and/or commodities market

i.__________ played slot machines, poker machines or other gambling machines

j.__________ bowled, shot pool, played golf or some other game of skill for money

k.__________ pull tabs or “paper” games other than lotteries

l.__________ some form of gambling not listed above (please specify)


2.What is the largest amount of money you have ever gambled with on any one day?

__________never have gambled

__________$1 or less

__________more than $1 up to $10

__________more than $10 up to $100

__________more than $100 up to $1,000

__________more than $1,000 up to $10,000

__________more than $10,000


3. Check which of the following people in your life has (or had) a gambling problem.



__________brother or sister


__________my spouse/partner

__________my child(ren)

__________another relative

__________a friend or someone else important in my life


4. When you gamble, how often do you go back another day to win back money you lost?


__________some of the time (less than half the time I lost)

__________most of the time I lost

__________every time I lost

5. Have you ever claimed to be winning money gambling but weren’t really? In fact, you lost?

__________never (or never gamble)

__________yes, less than half the time I lost

__________yes, most of the time


6. Do you feel you have ever had a problem with betting money or gambling?


__________yes, in the past, but not now



7. Did you ever gamble more than you intend to?

__________yes __________no


8. Have people criticized your betting or told you that you had a gambling problem, regardless of whether or not you thought it was true?

__________yes __________no


9.Have you ever felt guilty about the way you gamble or what happens when you gamble?

__________yes __________no


10. Have you ever felt like you would like to stop betting money or gambling but didn’t think you could?

__________yes__________ no


11.Have you ever hidden betting slips, lottery tickets, gambling money, IOUs or other signs of betting or gambling from your spouse, children or other important people in you life?

__________yes__________ no


12. Have you ever argued with people you live with over how you handle money?

__________yes__________ no


13. (If you answered yes to question 12): Have money arguments ever centred on your gambling?

__________yes__________ no


14. Have you ever borrowed from someone and not paid them back as a result of your gambling?

__________yes__________ no


15. Have you ever lost time from work (or school) due to betting money or gambling?

__________yes__________ no


16. If you borrowed money to gamble or to pay gambling debts, who or where did you borrow from? (check “yes” or “no” for each).

a. from household money

__________yes __________no

b. from your spouse

__________yes__________ no

c. from other relatives or in-laws

__________yes__________ no

d. from banks, loan companies or credit unions

__________yes __________no

e. from credit cards

__________yes__________ no

f. from loan sharks

__________yes__________ no

g. you cashed in stocks, bonds or other securities

__________yes __________no

h. you sold personal or family property

__________yes__________ no

i. you borrowed on your chequing account (passed bad cheques)

__________yes__________ no

j. you have (had) a credit line with a bookie

__________yes__________ no

k. you have (had) a credit line with a casino

__________yes__________ no


South Oaks Gambling Screen Score Sheet

Scores on the SOGS itself are determined by adding up the number of questions that show an “at risk” response:

Questions 1, 2 & 3 are not counted

Question 4__________ most of the time I lose or

               __________ every time I lose

Question 5 __________yes, less than half the time I lose or

                __________yes, most of the time

Question 6 __________yes, in the past but not now


Question 7 __________yes

Question 8 __________yes

Question 9 __________yes

Question 10 __________yes

Question 11 __________yes

Question 12 not counted

Question 13 __________yes

Question 14 __________yes

Question 15 __________yes

Question 16a __________yes

Question 16b __________yes

Question 16c __________yes

Question 16d __________yes

Question 16e __________yes

Question 16f __________yes

Question 16g __________yes

Question 16h __________yes

Question 16i __________yes

Questions 16j & 16k are not counted

Total = (there are 20 questions that are counted)

0 = no problem

1–4 = some problem

5 or more = probable pathological gambler


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