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Youth and Gambling

Youth gambling is of great concern to parents, public-health officials, teachers, counselors and public-policy makers, and it is to these readers that this section is directed, as well as to any agency offering direct services to youth in the community.

The two important social phenomena affecting youth gambling are the growth of legalized gambling and changes in public sentiment towards gambling. In Canada, gambling is legal in all provinces, and this rapid expansion has led to concerns about youth gambling and problem gambling. In Ontario, there are two age limits for gambling: 18 and up for bingo and lotteries and 19 and up for casino gambling.

Although public opinion about gambling varies, negative attitudes have shifted to tolerance and acceptance. Gambling appears to have transformed its public image from a prohibited vice to an acceptable leisure activity.

Prevalence Rates
Preferred and Problematic Gambling Activities
Risk Factors
Barriers to Prevention
Signs and Indicators of Problem Gambling
Barriers to Treatment
Treatment Considerations and Recommendations
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