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Problem Gambling: A Guide for Financial Counsellors

Download PDF: Problem Gambling - A Guide for Financial Counsellors

Most gambling problems are about money and the many problems created by the loss of money. As a result, it is common for credit counsellors, bankruptcy trustees and others in the financial sector to see clients who have gambling problems.

Many clients who seek financial counselling are struggling with serious financial, emotional, health and relationship problems related to their gambling. It is also likely that they will not tell you about these problems—unless you ask.

This guide will:

  • provide you with the information and tools you need to assist you in identifying and supporting clients with gambling problems;
  • give you strategies to explore concerns about gambling and to prompt your clients to take appropriate action;
  • encourage a shared-care approach between financial counsellors and problem gambling counsellors; and
  • increase your knowledge of community supports and services that are available to people with gambling problems.

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