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Studies in Progress

  • A Prospective Natural History Study of Quitting or Reducing Gambling With or Without Treatment
    For more information contact John.Cunningham@camh.ca
  • Inventory of Gambling Situations Study for Online Use
    For more information contact Nigel.Turner@camh.ca
  • Meeting the Unique Treatment Needs of Women Gamblers: A Workbook and Webinar Effectiveness Pilot Study
    For more information contact Roberta.Boughton@camh.ca
  • Pilot study of the Effects of Magnetic Brain Stimulation on Gambling Reinforcement, Self-regulation and Gambling Symptoms in Male Pathological Gamblers
    For more information contact Antonio.Strafella@camh.ca, Isabelle.Boileau@camh.ca or Martin.Zack@camh.ca
  • Role of Dopamine D1 and D2 Receptors in Responses to a Slot Machine Game and D-amphetamine in Pathological Gamblers and Healthy Controls
    For more information contact martin.zack@camh.ca
  • Seniors' Gambling in Ontario: An Assessment of Gambling and Problem Gambling among Older Adults Who Patronize Ontario Casino: The Influence of Prize Levels on Gambling Behaviour in a Community Sample
    For more information contact Hayley.Hamilton@camh.ca, Nigel.Turner@camh.ca or Robert.Mann@camh.ca

Research at CAMH

CAMH is home to the largest mental health and addictions research facility in Canada. We have nearly 100 full-time scientists and approximately 300 staff working together to better understand mental illness and substance use disorders and improve diagnosis, prevention, intervention, treatment, and public policy initiatives. Our scientists are leaders in developing world-class research and translating these pioneering discoveries into clinical "bed-side" care.

Research at CAMH transforms lives. Through the work of our scientists, we are improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental health and substance use problems. CAMH science is not only improving treatment and care today, but is also setting directions for tomorrows mental health and substance use care.

For more information about research at CAMH, click here. If you would like read CAMH's Research Publications, click here.

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